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my name is sierra and tay jardine dubbed me cutest gift award winner. i like bands, doctor who, teen wolf, awesome badass ladies, and movies that make me cry. this is the best tag on my blog. i am the #queenofthecrop and the O.G. taylor tait fan tbh.

stilfled said:  Does Tay have her own house?

i’m actually not sure on that one! she’s been touring since she still lived with her mom, so i have no clue if she ever actually got her own house or if she just stays with her mom since she’s literally never home anyway. if anyone knows, please replyyy.

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  1. cynical-confidence said: I’m pretty sure I heard her say in an interview that she lives alone… don’t hold me to it but I don’t think she lives with her mom
  2. foreverdette said: actually Tay and the rest of the band are roommates :) they share a house :)
  3. fuckyeahtaylex said: don’t hold me to this, but i feel like she still lives with her mom!
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