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The Sorting: A Mini CrissColfer Fic 

This is the first in a series of Harry Potter AU CrissColfer mini fics. I’m just going to post them as mini moments pop into my head. They will be chronological, except for when I post flashbacks.
Year One at Hogwarts. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer have just found out they were wizards. They’ve arrived at Hogwarts, and now it’s time for the sorting, where Chris decides to strike up a conversation with the boy standing in line behind him. 
Note: I know Chris has said he’d be a Ravenclaw, and that’s acknowledged in this story, but the way I write them, he’s not going to be in that house. If you have a problem with that, don’t read. 

"Are you nervous?"
The shorter boy with impossibly curly dark hair looked up at Chris, shrugging a little, though his eyes shined with something that could only be defined as eleven year old terror. “Not really. They surely know what’s best for us, right? I mean..” he trailed off, glancing around as the nerves displayed on his face. “They’ve been doing this for about eight thousand years now or whatever.”
Chris nodded. “Yeah. Of course they know where we belong. I’m Chris, by the way.” He extended his hand, offering the nervous boy a smile. He knew exactly which house he’d end up in. He’d perused that impossibly long book about the history of Hogwarts as soon as he’d purchased it, and figured out for himself where he’d be. Ravenclaw was the best fit for him. Chris liked to think he was intelligent, and figured that would be the place he’d belong the most. Not Gryffindor. He didn’t feel very brave after years of being teased. Not Hufflepuff. Sure, he was nice and accepting, but he didn’t think that was his most dominant quality, plus people made Hufflepuff sound like a joke anyway. He hadn’t even bothered to read about Slytherin. According to the stories he’d read, horrible wizards and witches came out of that house.
The curly headed boy took his proffered hand, shaking it firmly, though his hand trembled a bit. “Hi Chris. I’m Darren.”
Chris didn’t have much time for conversation after that, because his name was being called. He walked to the front with as much conversation as he could muster, his vision disappearing as the oversized hat fell over his eyes. Agonizing silence followed until he felt the hat open its brim of a mouth and it shouted out the word-
Numb from shock, Chris hopped down from the stool, working his way over to the table that was applauding the most enthusiastically, barely noticing that Darren had gotten sorted into Hufflepuff, missing the hopeful wave that the shorter boy gave in his direction.


Darren was practically vibrating with excitement. He was here, he was really here. He was going to get to do magic, and learn new, amazing things, and meet awesome people. He couldn’t be happier.
Barely paying attention to his surroundings due to his excitement, Darren didn’t notice a boy sitting on the ground until he’d tripped over him, landing sprawled on the hard marble floor beside him.
"Oh, sorry I-" Darren stopped when he turned his head to really see the person, recognizing him as Chris from the sorting earlier. And he was crying. "Are you okay?"
Chris shook his head tearfully, embarrassed for being found crying. He was eleven, certainly it was time to grow up. Right?
"No. I’m not okay," Chris answered, surprised by his response, for he’d been intending to lie and say he was just fine.
Darren sat up, moving to sit in front of him. “That’s not good. What’s wrong? Do you want to talk about it? If not, it’s cool. We can just sit here and stare at the pictures or something. They move. Did you see that?”
Chris let out a watery laugh, nodding. “Yeah. I saw that. But.. I’m just upset because I got sorted into Slytherin.” His voice was barely more than a whisper, and he stared down at his knees with a mixture of shame, humiliation, and preteen despair.
"What’s wrong with Slytherin? Didn’t you read about it?" Darren asked, tilting his head with curiosity. His eyes widened when Chris shook his head, and his face lit up with excitement as he started to talk. "It’s kind of cool, actually! It’s all about being determined, and knowing what you want and how to get it. I think that’s really cool. I don’t even know what I want out of life yet. I just know I want some of that Honeyduke’s stuff everyone keeps talking about."
Chris shook his head insistently. “But what about all the evil wizards that have come out of there?”
Darren shrugged. “You don’t seem evil to me. And I’ve read about some pretty cool people who came out of that house, who did awesome stuff for the wizarding world. So I wouldn’t worry about that.” He patted Chris’ knee comfortingly. “You’re obviously smart and you know what you want out of life. You should be proud of that.”
Chris was about to argue some more, but he stopped to actually think about what Darren was saying. He had a point. Chris had known that he’d wanted to act his entire life. That had made him different, and people had teased him for it, not understanding why he was the way he was. Not even Chris understood it. But now it seemed like he’d found a place where people would get him, understand him, support him as he chased after his goals in life, a long list of goals that he added to every day.
"You’re right. Slytherin can’t be all that bad, huh?"
Darren grinned broadly. “Of course not! Especially not if you’re in it.”
He stood, holding out his hand to Chris, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “Want to come sneak down to the kitchens with me? I already found out how to do it.”
Laughing, Chris took the hand, pulling himself up, and tearing off down the hallway after Darren, their laughter bouncing off the ancient castle walls.
Chris liked the sound of it. Loved it, actually.
It sounded like friendship. 

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